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Discover: The Next Level of Learning

Give your eager child the advantage of Discover, a unique beyond-classroom learning platform that enables the child to explore, experiment and experience learning – like never before! Created for students in Classes V-VIII, Discover is an interactive initiative that inspires the child to seek the next level of learning of sciences and mathematics.

Discover: Experiential Learning

Discover is an activity-based experiential learning program, and is different from normal classroom teaching-learning process. Students will have opportunities in hands-on learning, wherever possible. They will work in small-sized batches with the facilitators providing inputs wherever necessary. Discover makes learning enjoyable and engages the students’ interest through experiments, demonstrations and interesting communication tools like video footage of interesting events, audio-visual and multimedia.

Discover: Unfettered Learning

The core objective of Discover is to enable learning without the pressure of performing in a competitive scenario. Discover aims to provide the child the joy of true learning, the way it should be – in the absolute sense. Hence, there is no grading system. And for us at Learning Innovations, the rewards of success lie in the number of sparks we ignite – in the young minds we give shape to.

Convenient Sessions

Students will attend conveniently scheduled sessions twice a week. The program does not add to the student’s workload and does not overlap with his/her school’s examination schedules.

Discover Summer

The Discover summer program is an innovative, intensive, activity-based program for students who have completed/appeared in the final examinations of Classes V-VIII. The Program Is Held Between April/ May. The duration of the program is for 12 days / 2 weeks.

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