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N Skill is a unique initiative that is focused on enabling behavioural learning in the formative stages of children. Researchers at BASE have identified 82 different attributes in behavioural aspects that need to be addressed in a gradual manner. While N Skills’s goal is to make help children in self-awareness, interpersonal communication, creative flowering and self-confidence, the mission is to build tomorrow’s achievers and responsible decision makers. N Skill has already benefitted students for more than 5 years.

The 4 pillars of N Skill

Attitudes & Values
Structured Thinking
Beyond Structure
N Skill is an activity based program and is interactive and fun-based. Various methods like brain storming, story telling, role play, group discussions, team play, debate, miming and the arts are used in imparting the skills. Visual aids and games and craft are used extensively in the program.

N Skill Summer

The N Skill summer program is an innovative, intensive, activity-based program for students who have completed/appeared in the final examinations of Classes V-VIII. The Program Is Held Between April/ May. The duration of the program is for 12 days / 2 weeks.

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