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Board Exams and CET: The Countdown Begins
As you get into the +2 final Year, it is time to change gears in your preparation for the board exams and CET. You need to very quickly put the cozy days of first year.behind and get focused on the challenges of the board exams and the various competitive exams, including CET. Any aberration at this stage can hamper your career goals significantly.
Whether you are focused on medicine and/or technology or pure sciences, success in today’s context depends on excellence in board exams as well as CET or any other competitive exam you will take. While the board exams will measure your knowledge, the competitive exams will test your practical learning. And taken together, they will decide what you will do in future, your career option and where you will study…
So, can you see the rush of options and the jam ahead? Be better prepared, with PreUni Plus. BASE offers PreUni Plus for students seeking excellence in board exams and competitive exams like CET.

– Printed courseware for board syllabus and CET
– Mandatory and additional practice exercises for each topic
Regular sessions:
– Focus on strengthening concepts and improving performance in exams
– Sessions planned out for the entire year
Excellent faculty:
BASE faculty includes over 200 highly qualified and trained professionals, who are in touch with the exam patterns and changing trends.
Tests & feedback:
Regular tests are conducted through the year. They include:
– Monthly unit tests
– Final practice papers on the lines for both board exams & CET series
Feedback to parents:
BASE believes that parents have an important role to play in enabling the excellence of their children. Regular feedback will be provided to parents on attendance and performance levels of their children.
The faculty will provide valuable advice that can motivate and enhance the student’s performance.
Real-exam simulated conditions:
Students get familiarized with the real exam situation.
Online tests:
Online tests are an integral feature of the program. Regular online tests help in better performance in CET.
Online learning platform: 
BASE online academic support will include online tests, online additional work sessions, synopsis, solutions, discussion forum etc. Option to have courseware as online e-book will be available. Online services will
be available both on computers and Android-based tablets.
Students and parents will be provided a unique ID and password, to access reports on attendance and performance.
Subjects: Combinations
You can choose any combination from among PCM, PCMB and PCME (Offered
only at Basavanagudi).
Class Schedule: 
Schedules are designed to suit students’ convenience. Our student counselors will ensure that every student is allotted a convenient batch, location and morning/evening sessions, based on his/her choice (subject to

Admission is offered to students based on their performance
in Science and Mathematics in X Standard and in I Year of +2 examination.
Admission is offered based on availability of seats.

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