Tips Guidelines to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016

Tips Guidelines to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest engineering exams to crack and getting into an IIT is the dream of every engineering aspirant. Acquire the best study material and study hard. Do a thorough revision of your entire syllabus and be consistent in your studies. Here are a few tips and guidelines to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016:

• Concept Building
To crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016 you need to make sure that you have understood all your concepts thoroughly. Make notes for all the topics and go through the theory carefully. Get a clear picture of all the topics that you are weak in and revise as much as you can. Remember, first you need to be clear with the basics and only then will you be able to solve advanced problems.

• Practice, Practice, Practice!
Divide the time that you have left for your exam into equal intervals for each topic and practice till you are satisfied with each topic. Do not look at the solution until you have tried to solve it at least 3 times. Acquire the best study material and sample papers that you can and solve each one of them. Try and try again, till you succeed. Set the number of questions that you will do on a daily basis to between 80 to 120 , and stick to that limit.

• Start with the difficult topics
When you make your schedule for your studies, make sure you begin with the difficult topics which will enable you to focus on your weaknesses and help crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016. If you start with the easy topics, it will become very difficult for you to do the difficult ones when the exams are nearing and the tension is at it’s peak. Make sure you give equal attention to all three subjects- Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

• Combine speed with accuracy to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2016
The question paper is usually lengthy, so you need to manage your time well. Solving Mock tests and previous year’s question papers will help you develop a strategy and enable you to manage your time well during the exam. To improve your accuracy you need to concentrate fully on the questions and avoid all sorts of distractions.

• Set realistic goals
Do not set goals that will be impossible for you to achieve. While dividing your work, make sure that you allot the amount of work that you will actually be able to complete in the allotted time. While dividing your work, keep your ability in mind and make your strategy accordingly. Meet your daily goals. There is tough competition and you need to be better than other candidates. In order to crack IIT JEE Advanced, you have to work hard and keep your preparation up to the mark.

• Give time to yourself
Take short breaks while studying and have ample sleep. Do not compromise on your sleep as it will have an adverse effect on your health and also make your concentration span shorter. Make time for yourself to have fun.
Remember to keep calm and have a positive attitude. Evaluate yourself carefully and work hard on your weaknesses to crack IIT JEE Advanced. Do not get tensed or anxious. Concentrate well and do away with distractions. Have faith in your abilities.

Good luck!


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