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Everything you need to know about KVPY applications

The “Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana” (KVPY) is a program started in 1999 by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India to encourage students who are studying Basic Sciences to take up research career in Science. The aim of the program is to identify and encourage talented and motivated students to pursue a career in research.

There is a certain eligibility criterion which the candidates must fulfill.

  • General/OBC 75% Aggregate in Maths and Science Class X

  • SC/ST/OBC 65% Aggregate in Maths and Science Class X

Candidates can check their eligibility for various streams offered at KVPY through this link. If the candidate fulfills the above-mentioned criterion, he/she can go ahead with the application process.The application process, however, is very simple for KVPY.

NOTE-     Application for KVPY-2017 is done online only on


There are three steps to complete your application successfully;

  • Step  1.  Registration.

  • Step 2. Filling personal and academic details, choosing test center and uploading photo, signature and other certificates as applicable.

  • Step 3.  Payment of application fees. Please note that you must pay the fees only at the KVPY application portal. This can be done either by using a credit card/ATM-Debit card/Net Banking or by downloading an e-challan from the application portal. No other means of payment will be accepted.  Once payment is successful and application submitted no refund will be done.

The application fee for KVPY-2017 are as follows:

  • For General Category/OBC: Rs. 1000

  • For SC/ST/PWD: Rs. 500

It is strongly recommended that candidates read the instructions carefully before attempting to fill the online application.


Important Dates

  • Last Date for Applying : 23rd August 2017

  • Exam Date : 5 Nov

KVPY Online aptitude test 2017 will be held in the following 54 cities:

  • Agarthala(Tripura), Agra(Uttar Pradesh), Ahmedabad(Gujarat), Allahabad(Uttar Pradesh), Ambala(Haryana), Aurangabad(Maharashtra), Belagavi(Karnataka), Bengaluru(Karnataka), Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh), Bhubaneshwar(Orissa), Calicut(Kerala), Chandigarh(Chandigarh), Chennai(Tamil Nadu), Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu), Dehradun(Uttarakhand), Delhi(Delhi-NCR), Durgapur(West Bengal), Eranakulam(Kerala), Faridabad(Delhi-NCR), Ghaziabad(Delhi-NCR), Guwahati(Assam), Huballi(Karnataka), Hyderabad(Telangana), Indore(Madhya Pradesh), Jaipur(Rajasthan), Jalandhar(Punjab), Jammu(Jammu & Kashmir), Jamshedpur(Jharkhand), Jodhpur(Rajasthan), Kanpur(Uttar Pradesh), Kolkata(West Bengal),  Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh), Madurai(Tamil Nadu), Mangaluru(Karnataka), Mohali (Punjab), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Mysuru(Karnataka), Nagpur(Maharashtra), Noida (Delhi-NCR), Pallakad (Kerala), Patna(Bihar), Pune(Maharashtra), Raipur(Chhattisgarh), Rajkot(Gujarat), Ranchi(Jharkhand), Rourkela(Orissa), Salem(Tamil Nadu), Siliguri(West Bengal), Thrissur(Kerala), Trivandrum(Kerala), Vadodara(Gujarat), Varanasi(Uttar Pradesh), Vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh), Visakhapatnam(Andhra Pradesh)


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BASE shines bright in Engineering Entrance Exams

Every year, thousands of students appear for various Engineering Entrance exams with high dreams of being a successful engineer. We, at BASE, turn dreams into reality with utmost guidance and support. This year, once again, we have proved it by actions instead of mere words.

BASE students have put up an applaudable outcome in the every engineering entrance examination. JEE, being one of them, is an all India level, year wise college entrance exam for students who wish to pursue any undergraduate B.Tech course. It is the most awaited and respected exam of the engineering examinations. It is conducted in two stages, JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED.

In 2017, a total of 440 BASE students qualified JEE MAIN and 158 qualified JEE ADVANCED.

Be it the JEE duo or KCET, our students have proved their fortitude in every arena.

Anirudh S., who bagged AIR 131 in JEE ADVANCED, clearly managed to secure a seat to himself in one of the best engineering institutes in India. “BASE teachers have helped me a lot. I have been associated with BASE from the past 4 years. Not only for this particular exam, a lot they helped me clear various other exams. For all achievements, I’m thankful to BASE. BASE teachers have helped a lot academically as well as encouraged me a lot in whatever i have done. BASE assignments and tests were very helpful. My strategy was to be consistent and work everyday. Prepare a rough timetable and stick to it as much as possible. One most important thing is to remain calm during the exams.”, said Anirudh, who is the Karnataka state topper in JEE ADVANCED.

In the JEE state ranking, the Karnataka toppers for both JEE MAIN and ADVANCED were from BASE.

In KCET, 5 out of top 10 ranks were secured by BASE students.

Along with Anirudh, Ninad Huilgol(AIR-54 in JEE MAIN and AIR-217 in JEE ADVANCED), Sumanth R. Hegde (AIR-2 in KCET and AIR-504 in JEE ADVANCED) are others who have made it to the top.

“It is a matter of great pride to see our students perform so well. They have been very persistent in their training and have been diligently working towards their goals. We are truly proud of our students and wish them the best in all their future endeavours”, said Mr. Vallish Herur, Director, BASE.


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Most of us have heard the story of an intelligent crow that put pebbles into a jar of water, till it could reach water to quench its thirst. The normal thing the crow could have done was to fly all over, till it got water. Instead when its beak could not reach water, it found a way for the water to reach its beak. This is a beautiful example of creativity.

Creativity is all about finding unconventional solutions. Such solutions require imagination and out of box thinking. It involves seeing connections between apparently unconnected things, seeing hidden patterns and evolving solutions. Creativity doesn’t end with imagination. It involves actions. Therefore it is creative people who can think differently and produce new ideas or products.

Often creativity is considered an attribute of right brain function, meaning, it is required for imagination, art, music, intuition, feelings, visualisation and so on. The left brain is responsible for logical thinking, analytical capabilities, mathematics, computation and so on. It is obvious from the small list given, that participation of both hemispheres of the brain can lead to best creative ideas and products.

The best examples for the most creative designs in nature range from a human body to a bird’s nest to a crawling worm. Also nature’s designs are the most efficient designs. Thus, instead of simply looking at some solution for the things around us, it is good to think of creative solutions.

Every child is born creative. It is only because of environmental factors that few children evolve more creative than others. Creativity in children is generally spontaneous, like that of the boy in the following story. Once a huge truck got stuck while passing an underbridge on a highway. It created a huge traffic jam. The police, the fire brigade and the engineers arrived to find a solution. One of them suggested to chip the mortar, the other suggested to unload some material the truck was carrying. A young boy who was walking back home from school saw the commotion and asked the policemen what the problem was. One of the policemen explained the situation and said “Don’t worry, experts are working on a solution.” The boy chuckled and said,”Why take such a long time for such a small problem? All you need to do is to deflate the tires of the truck.” The engineers who overheard this conversation were too delighted to implement this simple and spontaneous solution.

As students, you are in the intense learning phase of your life. It is for this reason that you should acquire a high degree of creativity. Few steps to nurture your creativity are as follows.

Break away from routine – Think and act differently, question the rules with “why this way and why not the other way”. This leads to inventions.

Add value to existing things – Candles were used as light sources. Thomas Alva Edison discovered light bulb which was far superior to candles in many ways. He failed 1000 times, but did not give up. Creative people should accept failures as a part of learning.

Chase your curiosity – If you have found something interesting, that excites you but not pursued, start working on it immediately. Set small creative tasks each day and complete it. This will energise you to take up bigger creative tasks.

Spend time with nature – Get away from the monotony and get into a state of peace. Your imagination works better as nature brings calmness in you.

Acquire good reading habit – This gives you new ideas along with your own. It helps in creating new solutions.

Here is an interesting story behind today’s galloping technology world built around communication systems and computers. The story centers around a material called silicon discovered in 1824 by Jons Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist. This material was initially considered useless since it was neither good as a conductor nor as an insulator. The material was named semiconductor. It required a creative mind to convert this apparently useless material to one of the most sought after material today. The material was first used to make a device called a semiconducting diode. In 1947 Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen fabricated a semiconducting device called the transistor. This further led to microelectronic devices and electronic chips. Today’s unimaginable big industry of a global trade amounting to $335 billion is the product of a creative mind which converted an apparently useless material into the most sought after material.

The above is a great example to highlight the need for being creative.


If we do not function creatively, we may lose a lot of opportunity in life. The following is an example of colossal failure, causing the delay of the industrial revolution in Europe.

Marco Polo, a merchant from Venice traveled extensively across Asia for about 24 years. He shared his experiences in his book. The book attracted the imagination of elite of Europe. Apart from his experiences, he also had added a lot of imaginative fiction stuff such as dragons, unicorns, and birds so huge that it could lift elephants.

One great fact he wrote was that the Mongols used rocks dug from the ground to produce fire. He also added that these rocks worked better than the dried wood. Europeans never thought that this was true. If they had thought creatively and asked “Why only wood for burning and why not rocks under the ground” then they would have figured that it is coal that he was talking about. By failing to be creative, they started the coal mining industry by about 600 years later.

One of the takeaways is to start asking questions like “Why this way and why not the other way?”. List few more takeaways.

Write about your learning and feedback to


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Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is one of the most eminent examinations in India, and the benefits provided to the achievers are widely extolled. It is organized to incite the students to take up research careers in the area of basic sciences, engineering and medicine. It is an on-going National Program of Fellowships in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to attract the most adroit and intellectual students who are highly driven to pursue a research career in science. The students who qualify all the rounds of this examination are always in the limelight.


1) Scholarship



As KVPY is conducted under the administration of IISC, the faculties keep the names of the KVPY qualifiers in their book of predilection. Thus the chances of getting an admission into one of the UG programs in their institute is comparatively easier.


It is especially held for the KVPY students where they can meet great scholars, highly experienced researchers and the most accomplished scientists from their respective fields. This palatial opportunity is only reserved for the KVPY scholars.


Each KVPY fellow is provided with an ID card through which he can gain the access to renowned national laboratories/universities which have which have agreed to extend special privileges like library and laboratory facilities.


Every KVPY qualifier is required to do a research project under the guidance of a scientist or a scholar. Such an opportunity enhances the individual’s ability to scrutinize better on the topic of research and also evokes the interest to explore more.


Results at BASE

In 2016, the BASE students bagged the top ranks in both SA (Students enrolled in XI Standard) & SX (Students enrolled in XII Standard) in Karnataka. Deeparaj Bhat had bagged 15th All India Rank in SX stream and Ninad Huilgol had bagged 17th All India Rank in SA stream. 100 percent of SX and 92 percent of SA (Gen merit) students who qualified in Aptitude test had cleared the interview round and were eligible for KVPY

This year, 53 students from BASE have qualified in the stage 1 examinations of KVPY program

It is the combined effort of the students and the teachers that brings the good results and keeps our efficiency on track. Our institute has always helped the young minds to keep the flame of passion ignited so that they can climb all the pillars of success and reach the best possible position in their life.


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All About AIIMS

Patients should be able to rely on the doctor and trust them with their precious life.  Thus, the doctors should have utmost respect for human life so that they can give their best results and maintain the patient’s certitude for the future. The students of today are the professionals of tomorrow and therefore it is of paramount importance to have institutions that impart the best education and are equipped with extensive facilities.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is one such institute of our country which is at par with the best universities of the world. It has been ranked no.1 in the list of best Medical colleges in India for the year 2017 and ranks at no.3 in world rankings. It has held this rank for the past several years and rightly so, as it has created some of the finest doctors the world has ever seen.

The Institute was established in the year 1956, with its first college in New Delhi and operates autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In the year 2012, the university opened colleges in Patna, Raipur, Jodhpur, Rishikesh, Bhubaneshwar and Bhopal.

Some of the notable Alumni from AIIMS include:

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin:

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin is a surgeon and pioneer in the field of liver transplantation.Currently, he is the Chairman of the Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine, Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon, India. In 2010, Dr. Soin was awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India for his contributions to the field of medicine.

Dr. Deepak Chopra:


Dr.Deepak Chopra is an American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement. Through his books and videos, he has become one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine.

AIIMS’ excellence has to do with several factors – small class size, excellent library facilities, liberal clinically oriented teaching, research exposure and the ability to set its own curriculum.The hospital has been able to maintain high standards of quality while seeing large numbers of patients (3.5 million in 2006) at very low cost to patients, many of whom live in extreme poverty.Life in AIIMS is a unique experience. Attendance was not made compulsory until a few years ago, with students being given full liberty to organize their own study patterns.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi will conduct AIIMS MBBS 2017 on May 28 for admission MBBS seats in the 7 AIIMS colleges. The entrance exam will have 60 questions each from physics, chemistry and biology section and 20 questions from the general knowledge section. The maximum score for the exam is 200 with one marks being awarded for each correct question and negative 1/3 for each incorrect answer.

The eligibility criteria for AIIMS 2017:

  • Applicants should have passed the 12th class under the 10+2 or Intermediate Science (I.Sc.) or an equivalent examination of a recognized University/ Board of any English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subject with minimum aggregate of 60 % marks.

  • 50 % Marks required for SC/ST/OPH candidates.

  • Applicants must have completed 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31 December, 2017.

The admit card for AIIMS 2017 has been released. The students who have filled the application form can access their admit cards using their login credentials on the AIIMS website between May 8, 2017 to May 28, 2017.


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Procrastination is delaying things to be accomplished. Almost all of us procrastinate to some degree. In small measures, procrastination may slightly impact the academic and professional life. When people become chronic procrastinators, it can adversely affect their life and lead to failure. They fail because they do not do their duties, they do not take decisions, they miss opportunities in career and so on. It is estimated that about 80 – 90% of students procrastinate. Thus, procrastination is a monster standing between an individual and the life the individual wants to live.

Procrastinators fall into one of the 3 categories. The first category comprises of those who justify their delay by telling oneself “I’m too tired and I need to relax; I’m not a machine, I need to take a break.” “I’m not in my best mood.” “I’m too busy.” “The deadline for the task is far away, I will not start now.” “It is very late today, let me start tomorrow.”

The second category of people delay because they think “I will prepare better before starting – I may not do a perfect job if I start now.” “I may not be the competent person to do this.” “I may be seen as a failure if I do not do well.” “This job does not require my competence, anyone can do it.” “What is the immediate benefit I get by doing this task?” “I do not know how to start.”

The third category of people delay due to various distractions. This may be because the motivation and commitment levels are low. The reasons could be “There are more interesting things than this.” “This is not so important.” “I will meet my friends before I start my work.” “I will watch the television only for 10 minutes before I start studying.” “I will check my messages and email on my phone before I begin my work.”

The results of any kind of procrastination are many. Few of them are rushing to do things at the last moment and committing mistakes, building up anxiety, frustration, resentment, ill health and so on.

To avoid procrastination, we should consolidate all our strengths and do a thorough time-bound plan, identify time-slots for the tasks, prioritise and start making a routine of doing things on time. We should not allow reasons to justify the procrastination. We should enjoy our routine and reward ourselves at the completion of each task. For example, as a student, after finishing set tasks, I can reward myself by eating something I like or watching TV or meeting a friend.

Here is a story that illustrates the need to stop procrastination.

There was once a bird that built its nest and laid eggs in a wheat field. Everyday the mother bird flew to bring food for the young ones and the young birds would wait for their mother’s return. The wheat stalks grew tall and so did the birds. When the wheat started to ripe, the young birds were yet to learn to fly. One day the farmer came to the field with his son and said “I think the time has come to harvest the wheat. Son, why don’t you start harvesting from tomorrow?” The son replied “I have spoken to few of our neighbours and friends, they have promised to help us with the harvest. We will wait for them. Also I’m planning to go for a trek with my friends tomorrow. I will start the harvest once I’m back.” Listening to this, the young birds were scared. That day, when their mother returned, the young birds told her about the conversation between the farmer and his son. The wise mother bird said “Do not panic children. If the farmer’s son is waiting for neighbours and friends to help, he will not start the harvest anytime soon.” True to what the mother bird said, the farmer and his son did not come to the field for few more days. By then, the wheat was so ripe that when the wind blew, the grains started falling in the nest. The farmer and his son came to the field again. The young birds were all ears to listen to what they were talking. The farmer spoke “Son, its been a while since I asked you to harvest, but you have not started the work. If we do not start the harvest process immediately, we will lose half the crop.” The son responded “I understand that I cannot delay anymore and lose more crop. I will start the harvesting process myself.” The young birds told their mother the farmer and his son’s plans. When the mother heard the whole conversation, she said “We must leave this nest immediately. When a person stops depending on others for help and decides to do the task on hand without giving any excuse, then he will surely do what he sets out to do.” Saying this, the mother bird and her young ones flew to another spot to build another nest.

One of the take-aways from this story is to stop procrastination and start doing things. List few more.

Write about your learning and feedback to


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NEET-2017 Review

Medical entrance exams are considered to be the toughest amongst all, but what is incumbent for the students is to just focus on their preparation because the tough grind of today gives the fruits of success tomorrow. The level of preparation is inversely proportional to the toughness level of the exam, so if the student’s prime urge and zeal is to keep working hard and turn a deaf ear to those who claim entrances to be the exam of life and death until the rewarding day arrives, is definitely on the right path. Like every year this year as well the students were enshrouded by the clouds of fretfulness for the NEET exam, but after appearing for the paper they felt mollified as they felt that the paper turned out to be easy on them and it strictly followed the NCERT syllabus. So here is the complete review of NEET-2017

Analysis of Physics NEET 2017 Question Paper

  1. Question paper is moderate.

  2. 21 Question from 1st yr, 24 from 2nd yr.

  3. All are from NCERT framework

  4. Four Questions are lengthy and takes time to solve.

  5. Five questions out of 45 questions are conceptual nature.

Prof.Venkata Suresh

HOD, Physics Dept

Medical Excel, BASE



Analysis of Chemistry NEET 2017 Question Paper

  1. Chemistry paper was found to be a moderate paper in strength.

  2. For any student with complete knowledge in NCERT syllabus the paper should be easy.

  3. The paper comprises of around 35.5% questions from 1st year and 64.5% questions from 2nd year.

  4. Around 31% of total questions in chemistry was from Physical chemistry, 33% from inorganic chemistry and highest percentage of 35% was from organic chemistry.

  5. Most questions were direct and conceptual based.

  6. A well prepared student can score about 80% marks in chemistry.

  7. Any student of higher order thinking can go beyond 90%.


Prof Vincent John

HOD, Chemistry Dept

Medical Excel, BASE



Analysis of biology NEET 2017 question paper

(1) It is a well balanced and standard paper covering almost all chapters of 1st and 2nd year portions

(2) No apparent ambiguity was seen in the paper, surprisingly a question on frog biology made its way into the paper.

(3) Students who have thoroughly prepared from the prescribed syllabus would have found the paper easy. Employing higher order thinking would have benefited them.

(4) A well prepared student can secure about 90% and more marks.

Dr. C Krishna Poojar

HOD, Biology Dept

Medical Excel, BASE

BASE Team.


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Choose Medical Training at Base

The goal of our institute BASE(Be ahead with sustained intelligence) is to inspire and empower the students to achieve their full potential. Our guides know how to bring the best out of every student and usher a positive change in their life by making them feel confident with rigorous practice and training along with consistent interaction with the classroom on a personal and group level, which helps support academic expectations among students.

With the increasing number of medical aspirants, it is discernible that the competition is becoming tougher with the passage of every year and thus, to excel in this field of medical science the first step is to get into an institute which provides the best education and intrigues the students to explore more. Getting into one of these colleges is not exactly a cakewalk, but at BASE we make sure to generate the instigation to conquer the exam among students, by forming a lucid concept on each topic by distilling the essence of theories, so that the students are crystal clear with their fundamentals and are ready to consider the toughest medical entrance as a mere cakewalk.

Here are the achievers of our institute who have set an example of true determination and perseverance.



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When people say that standard 12 is the most crucial year of a student’s career, they envisage the top-notch universities and colleges that impart knowledge to their students in the most nonpareil way. The students who make it to such institutes are believed to own the verve to establish and innovate with ideas which have a blend of creativity and intellectuality.

The Karnataka CET examination which is  conducted by the Karnataka Examinations Authority provides a pathway to the students to get into colleges that provide quality education in the field of Engineering, Medical, Architecture, Health sciences, Agriculture and pharmacy. The participating institutes of Karnataka CET comprise of private colleges, government colleges, universities and state government colleges in the state of Karnataka. These institutes comprise of a transcendent classroom where teachers and students are more engaged in the educational and developmental processes. The compelling power of the teachers enable students to seek experiences that ratifies them with their lives.

According to the eligibility criteria of 2017, the students should have passed 10+2 examination with minimum 65% marks in aggregate, from recognized Board / University with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects:- (a) Chemistry (b) Biotechnology (c) Biology (d) Computer Science. A total of 60 objective questions will be asked in each subject. Each correct answer will carry 1 mark each. The duration of every exam will be 70 minutes and the candidates will be given 80 minutes. This entrance examination opens up a whole new domain in various fields for the students who want to emerge into erudite individuals.


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